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Community Classes - Get BOOKED

Hey Team. I hope you are well! It was so good to see so many of you last week and lots of new faces. It really feels good to let our hair down and go wild for an hour doesn't it!?! I LOVE IT. Did you enjoy the new tracks? We will be doing them again this week so we can get really awesome at them. I hope to see you again this week, don't forget to book online. Class passes are also available, BOOK HERE Don't forget yo book MEGA CORE for just £2

BOOK HERE If you download the TeamUp app, it makes booking so much easier. --- ARE YOU AVAILABLE ON WEDNESDAYS 9.30-10.30am

Join me for 'The Hottest Fitness Trend of 2023'

📍Wednesday at Edgmond Village Hall



Drop me a email with any questions at all.

Bring your own mat and a hoodie for the warm up and cool down I look forward to seeing you.

Lucy x

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