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Exercise shouldn’t be a punishment. It’s an amazing and empowering lifestyle decision that anyone can make. I believe in finding the fun side of fitness; and while there may be a bit of sweat along the way, the benefits of fitness are endless. I have developed my online classes to make fitness fun and accessible to all abilities. 


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Join my private online community  where you will be able to workout with me in my awesome virtual classes in the comfort of your own home 7 days a week.

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What People Are Saying About Living Lean with Lucy Online

I haven’t been with Lucy online very long, but I absolutely love everything about it.
The classes are fantastic and being able to manage your workouts to suit the time you have is amazing. 
Also, the ability to pick up from were you left off, without judgement, is perfect for me. 
Lucy really cares about all her members and always makes time for you. 
Lucy you are a diamond, in so many ways, whether its reassurance, guidance or just by sharing your own story, you have our backs, you normalise everything and actually make us see that diet and exercise doesn’t have to be complicated or daunting… I feel happy and lucky to have found you. Regardless of the hurdles I may face , I can’t imagine not being part of LLWL online. Thank you x

Teresa Bellis

Since stating to work with Lucy, my approach to my fitness has changed BECAUSE my approach to my nutrition has changed. Used to UNDER eat during the day and binge on carby sugary shit at night.  Would I track it?...nope.  Why? Because it was EASIER for me to be confused as to why weight was piling on when I felt like I was starving every day.  

NOW I am conscious about my food, I nourish myself sensibly.  I still have all the treats I like but I no longer feel like I need to binge because I'm full.  My hydration is better, my fibre, protein and general diet is better and honestly... I feel so good inside myself I am not even focused anymore on what the scales say.  

This journey with Lucy has brought me back to respecting my body.  

A recent example was after my period, not feeling very hungry.  How I would have previously seen this was an opportunity to NOT EAT so I could lose weight faster.  NOW I see this as an opportunity to continue honouring the energy my body needs even if I don't feel that hungry.  

THANK YOU Lucy - the shifts in my mindset and approach have made such a change in my life x 

Nikki Cross

I joined Lucy before Christmas and it’s been one of the best decisions I’ve made!

There is so much variety in the classes I’m always kept inspired and motivated! Lucy is an amazing PT she works out with you throughout the class even though at times it can be challenging she makes it fun. With every exercise Lucy gives different levels depending on your ability, I workout with my mom so we can be doing the same thing but more suited to our individual abilities, whilst she constantly reminds you of your posture and technique for the move.

She is just amazing and full of positivity and makes you want to move!

Thank you Lucy I’m really enjoying everything you give! X

Bec Nicklin

What can I say!!
I joined Lucy in December after months of following her over on Instagram. Thought I'd regret it and cancel before my next payment, but boy was I wrong.
I think she offers amazing value for your money. You get a new workout each day with an abundance of variety. You never know what you're gonna get or how you'll be beasted.
I've referred to her workouts as medieval torture but jokes aside, she pushes you to reach your best and gives you variations according to ability.
I've always found it great how she regularly reminds you of your posture. I've exercised for years now and realise it was sometimes with bad form.
Lucy has helped me correct bad habits in my posture and I am feeling the benefit of this greatly.
She is unique, positive and very inspiring!
I only regret I don't live closer because I'd love to have 1:1 PT with her and also share a coffee as she's just an all round lovely lady!!
If you're thinking of joining and not sure, I urge you to try.
You won't regret it!!

Bekki Rix

Having been going to Lucy’s classes for a while and they are fab, since lockdown I have done her Living Lean with Lucy Online workouts and 1:1 personal training.
Lucy is so lovely and amazing at what she does, I feel much stronger both physically and mentally when I have done one of Lucy’s workouts, keep up the good work lovely.

Rhiannon Evans

I joined Lucy's online group a month ago. I have used others but what I

absolutely love, and is most definitely her USP is her motivation, inspiration humour, giving tips and techniques throughout while she is doing the exercise too.

 Lucy always gets back to you on any query you have, never judging always kind. I recently started work after a 10 month break and found the first 3 weeks impossible to fit exercise in. After putting a post up on the Facebook page Lucy and others came back with tips and support and this week I fitted the 3 session in and feel great. 

I can't recommend her enough.

Sarah Williams

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