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I just love working out with Lucy

I just love working out with Lucy, the only thing you need is to show up with Lucy, because her exercise classes are infectious! I'm not an avid fitness fanatics, but really appreciate the way I feel after Lucy's abs, clubbercise, abs and ass classes.Lucys attitude is inspiring and she practices what she preaches and that's how I know to keep going! Prices are also reasonable soo there's no reason not to go!! I've been on this journey for 2 years, and stayed a member through My cancer treatment because of the positive messages Lucy brings!


Don’t think about it just do it!

Amazing service run by a women with passion and is a fountain of knowledge. I’d given up ever being able to get moving again but came across Lucy’s page and found her so inspiring and relatable, she gets it and has been through it! No shame only inspiration, with effective workouts and lots to choose from to keep it interesting. I had such huge results in as a little as three weeks! Nothing changes if nothing changes!

Ellie Curtis

I joined Lucy before Christmas and it’s been one of the best decisions I’ve made! There is so much variety in the classes I’m always kept inspired and motivated! Lucy is an amazing PT she works out with you throughout the class even though at times it can be challenging she makes it fun. With every exercise Lucy gives different levels depending on your ability, I workout with my mom so we can be doing the same thing but more suited to our individual abilities, whilst she constantly reminds you of your posture and technique for the move. She is just amazing full of positivity and makes you want to move! Thankyou Lucy I’m really enjoying everything you give!

Bec Nicklin

What can I say!! I joined Lucy in December after months of following her over on Instagram. Thought I'd regret it and cancel before my next payment, but boy was I wrong. I think she offers amazing value for your money. You get a new workout each day with an abundance of variety. You never know what you're gonna get or how you'll be beasted. I've referred to her workouts as medieval torture but jokes aside, she pushes you to reach your best and gives you variations according to ability. I've always found it great how she regularly reminds you of your posture. I've exercised for years now and realise it was sometimes with bad form. Lucy has helped me correct bad habits in my posture and I am feeling the benefit of this greatly. She is unique, positive and very inspiring! I only regret I don't live closer cos I'd love to have 1:1 pts with her and also share a coffee as she's just an all round lovely lady!! If you're thinking of joining and not sure, I urge you to try. You won't regret it!!

Bekii Rix

You keep me motivated every week. No matter how hard it is to get that gym gear on and get going, I always always feel better after I have thrashed out one or two  of your workouts! 
You make me laugh and sometimes I want to yell at you coz I hurt but god I feel great and stronger all the time! What would I do without you!?? 🤗 plus I love that you are a little bit bonkers!

Amy Carroll

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