Online Class Schedule

I offer a range of invigorating exercise classes & options that will challenge your body, motivate your mind, & improve your overall fitness & health.

Join my private online community where you will be able to workout with me in the comfort of your own home 7 days a week.

On my dedicated Living Lean with Lucy Online members area, I share and save eight workouts per week.


Five New Classes Every Week:

  •  20 minute Upper Body Strength 

  •  20 minute Flex N Stretch

  •  20 minute Lower Body Strength 

  •  20 minute Cardio Blast

  •  8 minute Strong Core


Three New LIVE ZOOM Classes Every Week 

(All saved to the members for On Demand playback)

  •  Monday: 10am 30 min Abs & Ass

  •  Wednesday: 6pm 30 min HIIT Me Up

  •  Wednesday: 6.45pm 45 min Give Me Strength


Never miss a workout with 24/7 on demand playback available on all classes.
All members have full access to 100's of archived classes.
You will never get bored!

Sign up today and start a fitness routine that will make a difference.


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